About our family

This is our family – Papa J, Mama Edi (Edwina), Master Wolf and Miss E (in the ring sling at 6 weeks old). 

We choose to follow God with our lives and are thankful for the salvation we have through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Our lives changed completely when we had Master Wolf in 2013. For me, it made me really conscious of the way we live and the way we raise our children. We made the decision to birth at home to avoid unnecessary intervention and this was the first step for us in pursuing gentle parenting, baby wearing, extended breastfeeding, cloth nappies, baby-led weaning and co-sleeping. 

This then led to thinking about the food we eat and where it comes from. We have followed a number of different ways of eating since we married in 2011, including vegetarian, paleo and ethical meat eating, but what has stuck is a simple approach to eating whole foods. 

The desire to grow our own food has been a driving factor in our move to Providence Hill and we feel strongly about teaching our children where food comes from. We have been developing our veggie garden and have hatched our first lot of Light Sussex chicks for both eggs and meat. In the long term we would like to raise animals for the table and ensure we have a steady stream of ethical, free-range meat. 

We have a big plan for our property, but at the moment the focus will be on building our strawbale house. 

The focus of this blog is our family life at Providence Hill and our journey as we grow and learn and change. 


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