My Recent Garden Mistakes

As February was coming to an end I started planning for our Autumn garden. There was a lot of work that needed to be done creating new garden beds and clearing out Summer veg, but I was a bit over zealous on the clearing out front.

I hadn’t quite thought through how to cross over between Summer and Autumn veg to ensure we had enough to go around until the Autumn crops were established and ready to be picked.

I pulled out pumpkins and zucchinis, corn and kale, beans and peas and all manner of other things, and while we did enjoy eating all this produce, what I really should have been doing was planting more of these in late January and February. This would have meant that with the warm weather we still could have been eating a lot of these veg now. Instead we have been relying heavily on buying fruit and veg at the shops.

So next year I will be planning more thoroughly to make sure we have food to eat in that trans-seasonal period. January and February will see me planting more things like beans, corn, zucchini, beetroot, carrots, silver beet and other greens to get us through until the early Autumn plantings mature.

I think I have my head around going from Winter into Spring. I will just be continuing to try to plant a lot of the suggestions from the Gardenate June/July lists, then creating a cold frame and/or mini-greenhouse in August in preparation for giving things like capsicum, cucumber, chilli, eggplant, tomato and melons a head start.


September should see us eating a lot of the winter plantings of snow peas, sugar snap peas, podded peas and lettuces, as well as the May-June plantings of broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbages, but I’m hoping that we can minimise what we have to buy at the shops with some better forward-planning.




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