Essential Oil Perfumes/Colognes


The other day Papa J asked me whether I could make him some sort of cologne with essential oils. I did a bit of looking around on the internet and found some great resources and recipes.

I wanted something that would be relatively easy to concoct, and something that didn’t require alcohol or spray bottles. The easiest recipes seemed to be essential oils in a base of carrier oil in a little bottle with a roller ball. You can get these pretty cheap from places like New Directions Australia.

The Hippy Homemaker site had a whole lot of fragrance blends for men so that they might “feel rugged [and] smell amazing”. Papa J liked the sound of the “Mountain Man” blend (peppermint, juniper, fir and cypress), so we went with that.

Mixing it up took me all of about 30 seconds. I dropped in the correct amounts of essential oils and Vitamin E, then filled up the little bottles with grapeseed oil.

Feeling inspired by just how fast it was to mix up, I had a look for a more feminine fragrance for me. I loved the Moontree candles I had burning when Master Wolf and Miss E were born, so I looked for a similar blend.

The base perfume recipe from Wellness Mama was an easy place to start, so I just picked a base (ylang ylang), middle (lavender) and top note oil (grapefruit) and mixed those quantities of essential oil with the same grapeseed carrier oil and Vitamin E used in Papa J’s. I didn’t really want to bother with rum and homemade vanilla essence (but I’m sure it would be great if I had more time).

Below is a table of base, middle and top notes which makes it easier to understand which blends would work.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.48.54 pm

Table from Dean Coleman

I’m going to do some more experimenting with other blends of oils. If you do some experimenting or have favourite mixes of essential oils, I’d love to hear about it. Next on my list is a variation on this recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs:

Refreshing Perfume

Rejuvenating, uplifting, energizing, and stimulating. This blend is good for mental clarity, lack of focus, and fatigue.

Drip all essential oils into a glass bottle and roll between palms to evenly mix the oils. Add Jojoba oil and roll again. Add additional essential oils if you desire a stronger perfume.



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