This week has been a reminder of why I love wearing my babies.

Miss E has been sick and has just wanted to be close and snuggled. Not only has she somehow caught strep throat, but she has been teething as well.

While I thought babywearing was wonderful with one child, I have found it essential with two. This week babywearing has allowed me to nurture my miserable little girl while still be able to engage and have fun with Master Wolf.

Babywearing has been a big part of our parenting journey. Both Papa J and I were wearing Master Wolf in a ring sling or a stretchy wrap from the first week of his life. It was just so easy. He would just have a feed and then settle down to sleep in the carrier and we still had two hands free, while he felt nurtured and close to us.

Now with Miss E in our lives, babywearing has meant that while she can rest and be snuggled, Master Wolf and I can still have times of connection and play.

Once I even managed to get down to our dam with Miss E on my front and Master Wolf on my back to solve an animal crisis. I wish I took a picture, but I was too tired after walking back up the hill.

Babywearing lets us:

  • facilitate sleep
  • provide comfort
  • get meals made
  • feed the animals
  • work in the garden
  • go for walks
  • get the shopping done
  • help toddlers emotionally regulate
  • involve little ones in daily life
  • breastfeed on the run
  • get through airport without a pram
  • read the bible up the front at church
  • go to a conference with 4000 people at Hillsong
  • keep kids safe
  • provide rest when little legs get tired and
  • go out for our 5th wedding anniversary dinner last night with a sick bub and still enjoy ourselves (it was lovely. She didn’t fall asleep until mains came out, but it was nice to be out together. Master Wolf got to have a movie night with Nana).



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