Small-space storage solutions

As I’ve mentioned before, Papa J is really good at creating storage solutions for small spaces. As the shed is only 54sqm inside (with a 3x6m awning/’garaport’), it was really important that we had room both for family living with two young kids and to store our belongings.

Another concern was the numerous tools that Papa J has acquired over the last few years, many which are necessary for building our house. They needed to be stored inside so they didn’t rust or get water-damaged.

While the timber frame for the shed was being built, the top of the roller door was cleverly covered by a kind of bulk head. This provided some valuable storage space above the roller door for things we didn’t need to often access. Currently there is an Aerobed, some Space Bags full of winter clothes and part of our queen-size bed frame up there.


Storage in the bulk-head over the roller door

Inside the roller door is where the real magic happens, however. When you lift the roller door from the outside, you’ll see a very well-organised array of tools in boxes and drawers, with two really ingenious boxes, one which stores the table saw so that it can be rolled out and used under the awning.


The garage inside the roller door

From the inside, all you see is a book shelf and a ledge behind our couch, with an Ikea storage unit and some plastic storage tubs on top. For the imposition of 800mm, the amount of storage it creates is incredible and we don’t have to constantly be looking at all the tools (or have them accessible for Master Wolf).

Our bedding situation works particularly well in that we have a Murphy bed which folds down from the wall. When we first moved in, we had our king-size mattress on a rug on the floor, but it meant a large portion of floor space was permanently taken up. Since building the Murphy bed it gives us a whole extra area of play room. On either side of the Murphy bed are our wardrobes which end up giving us plenty of clothes storage.

The space above the bathroom has also been used really effectively for storing the boxes of books and hiking gear that we don’t often need to access. It’s a bit of an awkward triangular space, but it looks great as we’ve put an Ikea bookshelf with storage baskets in the front so you can’t see the boxes.

So while we have culled a fair bit of stuff in the move, we seem to have room for an entire house of stuff in our shed, thanks to some clever storage.


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