Our Autumn Garden

Throughout spring and summer we have had 4 veggie beds going. We had a pretty constant supply of zucchinis, kale, tomatoes, eggplants, basil, parsley, cucumber, corn, silver beet and lettuce, snow peas, sugar snap peas and green peas.

Each bed is about 12sqm so with the bed I have been working on over the weekend, we’ll end up with approximately 60sqm of winter garden space. This is helpful as I’ll soon be planting things from the Allium family, like garlic and onions which need to spend a lot of time in the ground. The chickens are currently sitting next to Bed 5, so in a few months I can move them across again and get another bed going for spring, or for potatoes in August.

Autumn is the season for things like alliums, brassicas and fabaceae. I ordered the Early Garlic Collection and some Silverskin organic garlic from The Diggers Club, which will go in the ground in a couple of weeks. The garlic just comes as dried bulbs, so it just involves separating out the cloves and planting them at the specified spacings.


I have also done an order from The Seed Collection for things like kohlrabi, Broccoli Romanesco, Goldenacre Cabbage, Pukekohe Onion, turnip and swede. I already had some other seeds from the Diggers Club which have been planted in Jiffy Pellets ready for transplanting in a few weeks. Amongst other things, there are some onions, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages and kale sprouting.

Overall, the plan for the winter garden is below. Sorry about the quality – it was taken from my garden notebook.


So far, I’ve done the first of the 3-4 plantings of green beans, broad beans and peas along the reo (reinforcing steel), the March planting of carrots are struggling to germinate in the heat, and some beetroot, onion, spring onion and cabbage was planted after the Blackheath Markets the other weekend.

The rhubarb, asparagus and herbs are perennial, so they will just stay there while other things are planted around them.

There is a lot of work to do still, but we’ve made a good start.



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