Toasted muesli

Papa J often has to leave early in the mornings and likes a quick breakfast. Master Wolf also enjoys a bowl of whatever Papa J is eating, so we had to work out something that they could happily eat together.

We have been making toasted muesli for a few years now, and while no batch is quite the same as the last, the result is always good.

photo 1

Yesterday’s batch of toasted muesli

Our base recipe is from the Blue Mountains Food Co-op. It varies based on what is in the pantry at that particular moment. It’s usually cashews or almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia, coconut flakes or shredded coconut and oats. Yesterday’s batch was sweetened with maple syrup, cranberries and sultanas.

A double batch makes 4 large glass jars full, which lasts us up to a month (we don’t eat it every day). It’s pretty rare that I would ever make a single batch, as it’s so quick and easy when you make a lot.

I use a large, high-sided roasting pan and mix everything but the dried fruit in with the melted fat (I used butter this time, but we often use coconut oil) and sweetener (maple, honey, rice malt syrup). I bake it for about 35 mins but stir it every 8-10 mins to make it toasty throughout. Once it’s cool, I stir through the dried fruit, then spoon it into my airtight jars.

photo 3

Cashew, coconut and cranberry muesli


2 thoughts on “Toasted muesli

  1. Very similar to my recipe which I eat almost every day. I also add milk powder. I make a pretty big batch each time. 14 cups of dry to 2 cups of liquid (usually golden syrup, a little olive oil, maybe some brown sugar and water. I love my muesli, so much nicer than anything you can buy.


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