Fitting out the shed

Every time I say to someone “we live in a shed”, I either get a look of pity or one of awkward curiosity. I then go on to explain that it is, in fact, a very nice shed and one in which I am pleased to live.

I often describe it as a pine-lined one bedroom apartment. Papa J really has done a wonderful job creating a really liveable space for us to live while we build our house. He is quite creative in the way that he imagines space and in his construction of storage solutions (another post to come on storage solutions in small spaces).

Once the external construction of the shed was finished, Papa J got straight to work building an internal timber frame to support the pine lining boards and to frame up the bathroom/laundry wet area. The next job was putting up the villaboard in the wet area and plastering the joins. The waterproofing and plumbing were checked off by council and so the tiling and setting of the toilet and shower began. The bathroom/laundry feels quite spacious, despite the size. We have a washing machine and heat pump dryer under bench, with a laundry sink and a toilet and shower on the opposite wall, leaving a thoroughfare in the middle. The floor is tiled, as is the section behind the shower. The bench top is actually an old door that has been sanded back and polished.

Our electrician did all the wiring so it could be pulled through the lining boards and the insulation was put in (R2 in the walls with extra R sarking and R2 with R1.5 air cell in the ceiling). Papa J then used a C1 brad nailer to attach the boards and the shed finally started looking more homely.

For a list of the tools Papa J used for the entire build, see the post “Building the Shed“.

While the shed was still fairly empty, we moved in all 400kg of Esse 990 cast iron stove (using a front end loader borrowed from a neighbour for a case of beer) and installed a free kitchen pulled out of a house in Lithgow. We were really thankful for God’s provision through this process as we just had such amazing help from friends and family, great experiences with tradies (except the guy who did our septic) and a fantastic kitchen.


Esse 990 WN in place and unwrapped

The day we moved in was such a relief. We had been in transit for 3 months, living with Papa J’s mum in Katoomba for a few months (thanks, Grammy) and then in a holiday house in Blackheath for 6 weeks (thanks, Nana) as the shed was just not ready. Miss E even ended up being born while we were live at the holiday house. But finally, when Miss E was 2 weeks old, we were ready to move in. We had some beautiful friends and my mum (Nana) and her husband (Grandman) helping us unload and do trips from the multiple places where our stuff was stored. Moving with a two year old and a two week old is something I’d never recommend, and we couldn’t have done it without a lot of help.

Below are some photos of the shed as it was when we first moved in.


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